March: Nutrition Month!

March is nutrition month! This can relate to spring season being right around the corner. Anticipating those longer sunny days and possibilities of being more active outdoors creates a rush for some of us to want to be more healthy. I always feel that natural fresh savoury foods simply bring me a “feel good” feeling, and what better way to start spring with a boost? Obviously, I would say... nutrition!

Welcome to my new blog! As a third year student, doing my second undergrad in nutritional sciences at the University of Ottawa, I have to come realize that no matter how many years of experience you gain within your field, you are not credible until you get that certificate with your name on it.

I have roughly one more year and two months left until I can call myself a registered dietitian, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t share my passion with all of you and show you all the benefits that eating healthy can bring!

I would mostly like to share with you my philosophy on what is considered to be "healthy eating" and showing you that choosing the right nutritious foods can be easy. Cooking is an essential step to eating healthy and contributes to the enjoyment and appreciation of your own meals. I love cooking and especially creating new recipes. Being creative develops with time, but the basics will still take you to a whole new world of "clean" eating and appetizing meals.

Eating healthy does not mean you must deprive yourself from those sweets and guilty pleasure foods either… We all know that a balanced lifestyle keeps us happy, so don’t start up a strict healthy diet if you don’t want to fail in the long run.

I understand that there are many people out there who may not agree with my nutrition philosophy… But I would like to invite you to follow my blog and take in what you want. I will tell you right now, you may not enjoy my blog if you are:

b) On a gluten free diet because you think gluten will make you fat
c) On a paleo/caveman diet because you think protein is the most important nutrient out there and grains are the most horrible thing for your health
d) A milk hater because you think that humans aren’t supposed to drink milk 


From your soon to be dietitian, Nutri T

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