Conferences, Symposiums and Janet Podleski's Nutrition Talk

I took a few months off blogging due to a busy summer! However, I am not any less busy, but I want to keep you in the loop about my experiences in my last year of University. Since it is currently my 4th year of Nutritional Sciences at Ottawa U, I feel the need to absorb as much information as I can and network to the limits, probably because I'm realizing that I'll be a registered dietitian by next year! 

I attended two conferences in the past month, one of which I volunteered for - Striking a Balance on September 30 2013 and the other - The Future of Food in Healthcare Conference which I attended with my two closest nutrition friends at the Delta Hotel in Ottawa on October 23rd 2013. There were a few presentations that really stayed with me and made me think that there is such a vast industry when it comes to nutrition and health.

For those of you who watch the Food Network, you may have seen the show, "Eat Shrink and Be Merry" hosted by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Janet Podleski and her sister Greta Podleski. October 17th was Ottawa Health Day and my sister and I attended Janet Podleski's "Looneyspoons Recipe for Success" talk. She gave us a little bit of her biography-  which was quite surprising to me, because when these 2 now successful TV hosts began their first cook book, they had gone through a great amount of struggle and debt! Janet was funny and gave great tips on nutrition and health, the audience loved her. I was really thrilled to meet her and was lucky enough to have her sign my copy of her newest cook book. 

Janet Podleski (left) and Me October 17, 2013

To learn more about Janet and Greta check out their web site http://janetandgreta.com/

I must say, being exposed to a wide range of perspectives makes you reflect. One of the talks that really struck me at the Striking a Balance Symposium was a presentation given by Robert Ross, MSc, PhD of Queen's University entitled: "The Other 23 1/2 Hours in the Day- Beyond Physical Activity. 

Dr. Ross explained to us that the recommended amount of exercise in a day is 30 minutes. He then continued to show us what people do with the other 23 hours 1/2 in a day and it really goes to show you that 30 minutes of physical activity is simply not enough. Think about it, someone who wakes up, drives to work, sits at their office for 8 hours, drives back home, watches tv while eating dinner and then continues to watch more TV until they go to sleep. He showed us the stats on the North American population and you can see how we just don't move enough today. His take home message was that we should be moving more during the day and to make sure that we are being less sedentary. Dr. Ross wanted to make it clear that running on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day does not bring you benefit if you will be sitting for the other 23 hours 1/2 of the day.  

I completely agree with Dr. Ross, he shows that there are great benefits for health if we just simply move more during the day, whether it is using the stairs (FREE GYM), walking to your destination if possible instead of driving or take up any kind of activity that allows you to get up on your feet and avoid being sedentary. 

I would love to hear your questions or comments :)