Guilty, I love treats!

Even though I study nutrition and I'm all about health, I'm still a normal type of girl and love my sweet treats! Just like I mentioned in my blog's intro, you just can't deprive yourself from anything, it'll make you go crazy... moderation is key. Also, mentally keep track of what you've eaten during the day to not over do it.

A dietitian, whom I've worked for about 3 years now, believes in setting yourself up for success!
I couldn't agree with her more. She says the home should be a safe place where we are not surrounded by those junk foods that haunt us and if you really want that chocolate bar, you should at least make the effort to walk to the corner store. Just don't bring it in the house!

I've been living like this for a while now, and really believe if you want your treat, make it a special moment to indulge in those "bad foods"...

This is how I set my self up for success (inspired by Chef Mike Smith and my 2 older sisters)
These mason jars are a trend that I just love! Not only because they have that granola/hipster look, but mainly because it is an extremely convenient way of cooking and reaching for your healthy snacks like walnuts, cranberries and almonds and every other nut you can think of, I've got it!

I also have a variety of grains, such as Rolled oats and cream of wheat (love my hot breakfast cereals), quinoa, wheat germ (good source of vitamine B6), ground flax seed (source of omega 3 and fiber), chia seeds (omega 3, omega 6, vitamins and minerals)... Just giving you an idea of a variety of good sources of for these vitamins that can help prevent cancers, improve heart health and decrease the risk of diseases.

Here is a new grain that I have added to my collection recently. It's Kamut. I had heard about this grain in class when we were discussing about Coeliac disease, and unfortunately they must cut out all wheat products from their diet. I am only in favour of the Gluten Free diet when it comes to being coeliac, and I thought I should explore different grains out there that do not contain wheat. I can now say that I like this grain and suggest this to my future clients so they can compensate for nutrients that may be lost with their restricted diet.

And I decided to add a little Kamut to a salad which is my mom's famous salad recipe... (My family adores parsley FYI, so you may notice that I use this herb quite often)


Back to my guilty pleasure...

My favourite way of enjoying my treats are mostly by trying a dessert that is worth the calories or even simply walking to Stella Luna with a friend and grabbing the best gelato in town.

By the way, here is something unexplainably delicious that I tried in Montreal last saturday. A true French pastry called Millefeuille (meaning 1000 papers if you translate the word in french) from Olivier Potier's  Bakery. Best part, the vanilla bean infused custard!

 And because I have had this amazing treat last saturday (which probably cost me about 700 calories alone, not mentioning the latte that accompanied this dessert) I try to make sure that the rest of the day/next 3 days are reasonable in what I consume (basically very little sweets and more healthful foods)

Here's an example of what I've prepared today. Those who know me well enough know that I'm always on the go, either working one of my 3 jobs or studying. I just really love eating tasty healthy food and always make time to prepare a good a meal or healthy lunches, especially when I have a late class from 7-10pm at night! Can't let those late classes ruin my dinner. 

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