Cooking with family!

I love cooking with family. It's easy and we always have a great turn out! My sister and I created an amazing dish together from scratch. It was so tasty, creamy, healthy and filling. My favourite part, it consists of all four food groups:
-Meat: chicken
-Dairy: goat cheese and plain yogurt
-Grains: quinoa
-Vegetables (and fruit!) : red peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, figs (fruit) and asparagus. 

Our stuffing: goat cheese and plain yogurt mixed with fresh baby spinach, sage, sautéed onions and mushrooms with figs and roasted red peppers

We then stuffed our chicken breasts

Seasoned the chickens and cook them in the oven for 30 min 

 Et voilà! As an accompaniment, we cooked quinoa in a tomato sauce with sage and saffron served with asparagus. So healthy and so delicious!

Moving to Ottawa when I was 18, away from the parents in Toronto, I had no other choice but to cook for myself! Luckily, I had moved in with my sister (C) and was not completely alone, it was just getting used to taking on more responsibilities and being independent.

Living with C for 3 years really inspired my style of cooking. We would make dinner together almost every night of the week and create a variety of tasty dishes without ever following a recipe. It was always so much fun too, we always laughed and joked around while cooking and I think that's what makes me associate cooking with pleasure. 

My sister loved spicy food at that time and I was still learning to acquire that talent to handle hot and spicy flavours. A few years of living with her and I became the queen of Siracha hot sauce! I now use hot spices and hot peppers to add some kick to my food, but I do have to watch out when cooking for those who aren't accustomed to that taste yet. 

Recently, since my sister had her first baby, I have been going over more often to help out with the cooking. I know her husband and her really appreciate it and I do it because I'm happy to :) 

Stay tuned for some more creations! 

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